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TROJAN HISTORY by Bernard Jones | The discovery of Troy and its lost history | The Trojan War was the greatest catastrophe of the ancient world. It devastated Europe and Asia and plunged the known world into a ‘Dark Age’ that lasted more than five hundred years. This is the story of Troy. The truth has never been established – until now! Trojan History Books - Trojan War Books | The Voyage of Aeneas of Troy

Bernard Jones is a retired multi-disciplinary professional, Chartered Practitioner and Chartered Fellow, with a lifetime of scientific, technical, investigative and research work behind him. He is also a historian of some 40 plus years who completed his post graduate research in ancient philosophy and mythology.

For the last four decades he has applied his professional skills to his work as a historian, the result of which is two extraordinary books. ‘The Discovery of Troy and its Lost History’ is the first of these, and was published in 2019. The second book is called ‘The Voyage of Aeneas of Troy’ and is available on 29th August 2023.

Bernard also has a Master’s Degree in Ancient History. He lives on the island of Kefalonia in Greece.

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