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TROJAN HISTORY by Bernard Jones | The discovery of Troy and its lost history | The Trojan War was the greatest catastrophe of the ancient world. It devastated Europe and Asia and plunged the known world into a ‘Dark Age’ that lasted more than five hundred years. This is the story of Troy. The truth has never been established – until now! Trojan History Books - Trojan War Books | The Voyage of Aeneas of Troy


The Trojan War is the cardinal point in both British and European history. According to the British chronicles their ancient kings and princes are descended from Brutus the Trojan, the great grandson of Aeneas of Troy. Aeneas was a Trojan prince who survived the Trojan War and led his people in exile to found a new Troy.

The Voyage of Aeneas of Troy commences when the Trojan exiles leave the burnt and plundered city of Troy on their epic journey. Incredibly, a detailed historical and geographical record of the voyage was left to posterity and has survived to this day. The whole journey can be retraced in its entirety, but only if the record’s hidden knowledge is deciphered and the geography is correct.

Aeneas’s voyage lasted seven years. In mythology it is said that he founded Lavinium and became the progenitor of the Romans, through his son Ascanius and the Alban kings. The author’s first book demonstrated that the Trojan War was real, but what about Aeneas’s voyage? Once More, the truth is stranger than fantasy!


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